Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yoga Poem

I'm having a rough day. Very frustrated with myself, to sum up what's really bothering me, on top of everything else that a stressful workday entails. I realized earlier it had been a while since I posted on this blog, and intended to find something old to share. But then I sat down, before I changed clothes, and a thought came into my head that turned into another thought & turned into a rough little piece of verse.

Yoga helps with everything. And so that's what I'm going to do in a moment, but this is what that thought brought out of me:

Breathe, exhale, and center find
Calm, be still, and clear my mind
All that came before, put behind
And let every knot unbind

Let every worry drift away
Let every black pain fade to grey
Don't allow fear to have it's say
Let peace uplift, at least today

I should do my yoga every day. Because when I am done, I am at peace. So I'm off to go find that peace, little though it feels possible at the moment. Hopefully you have something that can bring you a little peace too =) Thanks for reading.



  1. Pretty darn good for just having a thought come in your head. Some good things happen like that.

  2. LUCY - Thanks. Funny thing is, like some things do, this thought has managed to STAY in my head. I have only missed yoga 2 days since I wrote this =)

  3. I love this poem. Really helped me out today actually...


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