Sunday, December 9, 2012

Checking Out The Snow With Dude

Winter really tried to start on Friday night, but it was only about a half an inch of snow, it just made the roads disproportionately dangerous & slippery.  I saw a lot of accidents on my way home from Grandma's on Friday night.  Thankfully it was just warm enough Saturday for most of that ice to melt before the snow started again late Saturday night.  As of right now it is still coming down pretty steady ... I just hope it's plowed by the time I have to go to work!  Dude likes the snow:

I don't really care for how the Avalon handles in this weather.  It's like I don't feel the road as much as in my Buick, when the traction control kicks in I can barely tell except there's an icon that pops up on the dash.  And I'm NOT looking forward to doing test drives in this either.  But, I don't really have a choice.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vlog - Car Accidets Suck or RIP My Buick Regal

This is really not the return to this blog that I had planned.  I had some poems I was considering posting, and a few new knots I've been doodling.  But I never got around to that, and now I've got something much more unpleasant to deal with:

I think I forgot to mention in the vid, I went to North Memorial Hospital.  The ambulance offered to take me wherever I wanted, and I chose North Memorial because it's close to home, less than a mile actually, and I've also been seen there before.  Three times actually, all for my asthma.  And as long and boring as this visit was, it was cake compared to those trips.  No unconsciousness, no overnight in the ICU, no freaking commode next to the bed since there's too many wires & crap hooked up to go to the bathroom like a normal person.

Another thing is that this was one rare instance where I really wished that I had a cell phone.  In my normal day-to-day life, I could care less if I have a cell.  Extra hassle & extra expense.  But in this case I couldn't call anyone until I got to the public phone at the hospital.  I guess I could have asked someone, but my point is, my vague consideration to buy a cell phone for Christmas has become a more firm intention.  But that's a whole other hassle of choosing a phone & a carrier & a plan & etc and since I have a time limit on the rental, a new car is going to have to take priority.

I'll try not to go AWOL on this blog for such a long period again - although I hope things don't stay quite so interesting as this.

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