Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vlog #27 - Update Resolutions, Work, Etc

I was excited about my promotion all week - then the last few days I've been a bit down, almost like I used up all my good mood even though I didn't have any particular reason to be in a bad mood.  Still, feeling better today, actually getting a lot accomplished this week as far as playing catchup, editing & posting & continuing this seemingly never-ending attempt at organization.

This upcoming week will be interesting, I feel like with reporting to my new boss work should be a lot less stressful, so I'll be more in the mood to get things done when I come home instead of just being focused on trying to relax.  But I won't know until it's actually happening I guess.  Another good thing is my old boss (who I do still have to work with to an extent, just not report to) will be on vacation for most of the week & that always makes things more mellow.  Plus I am off Friday, so it's a short work week for me & that's always a good thing =)

Thanks for reading.



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