Sunday, February 21, 2010

Poem: Today Is...

When I used to have a writing class, in high school, we would start every day with a freewrite.  The teacher would draw a starter phrase out of a hat, and we would write.  It's something I've tried & failed, other times tried & succeeded & then fallen off again.  But as long as I try again I don't feel too bad..

Anyway, the starter that I've been trying to use lately, repeatedly, is "today is..." to get myself really thinking about each day, and see if I can find a way to write about it.  So. 

Today is...

A perfect day, a flawless moment
A bright memory etched in time
A gorgeous thing, a wondrous span
That deserves preservation in rhyme

I think I'm going to (try to) stop picking apart my work.  It doesn't serve any purpose really ... certainly not the purpose of this blog.  This is my place for writing ... good, bad or indifferent.  Not for picking apart said writing.  I do that plenty already ... probably too much.  Picking myself apart after the fact can tarnish  the pleasure that just writing it in the first place brings ... so I'm going to concentrate on that joy of writing more.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, in an effort to write more (my notebook has been untouched for 2 weeks) and to post more (asI haven't posted here in 3 weeks) in addition to trying to be less of a perfectionist (since this is a rough first draft right out of my head) I have a poem (or poems?) to post today:

Waiting to be seen
And wanting to be heard
Loneliness so sharp
I can barely form the words

Holding hope inside
Holding pain at bay
Hoping that in time
I'll have something else to say

Not even sure if these 2 go together, but they came out together.  Not even sure if it matters if they go together LOL ... but no point in having this blog if I don't post.  Even if I'm shocked when I get more than 3 hits a day, the point is to have it out there.  Just the possibility that eyes other than my own may look on my words & ... something.  See what I'm trying to say, feel what I'm struggling feeling.  Feeling kind of jumbled at the moment, if you can't tell.  But a little less stressed than before I poured it into words.

Thanks for reading.



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