Wednesday, July 10, 2013

0g Vlog

It dawned on me, as I was considering another stretch for my birthday, that I hadn't posted the vlog that I did after my last stretch yet to the blog.  So here it is =)

Thanks for reading.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Today is the Last Day For Google Reader & Google Friend Connect!

You're probably aware that today is the last day for Google Reader & I really probably should have gotten this reminder post up sooner, but as you've likely noticed I've been too busy to spend much time here.  

There are several options, and you may have already found one that you like, but if not let me recommend Bloglovin' - it's super simple, and to transfer all the blogs you follow all you need to do is follow the instructions HERE: - with just a few clicks, you'll be all set!  I just did it myself - I know, procrastinate much?  Well, yes - you all know I procrastinate TONS.

So, now that you've transferred all the blogs you're following, you want to learn your way around Bloglovin'?  Well, to be honest I don't know my way around that well - but I found this awesome post on BlogHer that explains everything very well & even has pictures to illustrate the finer points!  So check it out:

I don't feel like life has actually been that interesting lately, but my birthday is coming up so maybe I'll get some awesome gift like a winning lottery ticket or a lonely billionaire ... and if either of those things happen, I'll be sure to let you guys know =)

Thanks for reading


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