Monday, September 14, 2009

No Reason

Some people sing in the shower ... I compose poetry LOL. I don't usually have time to write any of it down, since my morning routine is timed to the millisecond (I usually punch in at work at maybe 6:28 on the early end ... I start at 6:30), but this stuck in my head long enough to make it to paper. Not quite happy, but happier than normal. Not the greatest, not polished at all (this is the way it came out of my head the first time), but good enough to share:

No reason not to switch it up
No reason not to change
No reason not to make things normal
That once would have been strange
No reason not to suck it up
And go that extra mile
No reason not to be happy
No reason not to smile

Thanks for reading.



  1. That is really a nice poem. I have a horrible memory. If I don't write something down it is gone. Sounds like your in a better place.

  2. LUCY - Thanks, most days I am ... I still get down, but not quite so far I think.


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