Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vlog #21 - Depression Awareness

I think I said pretty much everything I have to say about it for now in the vid:

I have talked about it before on this blog, and in some of my poetry I've posted here, but it's still not a comfortable topic for me.  I'm less comfortable right this minute posting it than I was last night recording it - so I guess it's good I did it while I could =)

Thanks for reading.


Vlog #20 - Shoes & Work & Clothes & ... Stuff

My original estimate of a day for editing was ... (drum roll) ... a FAIL!  Almost a week LOL:

Part of the reason it took so long was of course the overtime at work this past week, not only staying late there but it throws everything else off, my commute home takes longer & I just felt rushed for time all week.  Which has thrown a huge wrench in my whole getting back to exercise plans, but I'm going to make the attempt next week - because if I can fit it in & do it now, with everything so hectic, it will be simple to do it once things settle down & are back to normal.

Thanks for reading =)


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vlog #19 Baby Tunnels

Another editing FAIL!  Man, I don't know why it takes me so long to do these:

I'm so pleased with my little baby 8 gauge tunnels - 8 is the smallest gauge you can get an actual tunnel that's hollow in the middle, although it really does have to be at just the right angle to see through it LOL:

The boat trip was supposed to be me, mom, her sister & her husband, but my aunt was unfortunately not able to come so it was just the three of us.  It was a lovely time & a gorgeous day - the sky was blue, the leaves changing, and the sun shining - we stayed out almost until dark:

Still enjoying pretty nice weather for October in MN, but it's really going to start cooling down this week.  I've got to get this a/c unit out of my window, it's letting in a bit too much of a draft =)  & I already have the space heater out LOL.

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