Tuesday, September 8, 2009

From The Notebook

At one point I started a notebook exclusively for poetry. I'm sad & somewhat ashamed to admit that it still has a lot of blank pages ... this is from May of 2002, a ridiculously long time ago, but like I said I'm digging through old stuff more right now than I am writing anything new ... looking for inspiration maybe? But even though I still think this is good, it isn't what I want to write anymore. Kind of the wrong kind of inspiration LOL:

How can I be happy
When pleasure is so brief
When every struggling smile
Is too soon stolen by a thief
Good feelings quickly borne away
As though on wind
As though a leaf

And every laugh feels like a lie
Because the mirth so quickly dies
False amusement
From an empty husk
Singled out, within a group
And so alone
Among other people's friends.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Beautiful poem Colette. I've felt like that many times. I can't even remember when I last wrote a poem. It been too many years to count. I really used to enjoy it. I wasn't that great but they were my thoughts and feelings. Hope you'll write more.

  2. LUCY - Thank you =) I have been writing a little more, nothing that I'd post up yet but more than I have been. Maybe you'll decide to pick up the pen again also =)

  3. Hi, I´m Elin, been reading through your blogs and I have to tell you I find this poem really beautiful and describes so well these empty, lonely feelings.
    Thank you for sharing this.


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