Friday, September 30, 2011

Vlog #18 - Quick OOTD & Exercise Update

Wow, talk about procrastination ... took me more than 2 weeks to edit this!

& sad to say that as good as I did that week, I have SO fallen off the exercising wagon since then.  The following week I only exercised once, and this week I didn't exercise at all =(  I haven't been feeling well & actually right now have a headache that has come & gone for 2 days straight.  Thank goodness it's the weekend, at least I'll have time to rest up & hopefully if I get more than a few hours of sleep it will go away.  I am soooo tired all day, then in the evening it's like I get my second wind until by the time it's "bedtime" I'm wide awake.  I need to adjust my internal clock or something LOL, I'm going to try very hard next week to get back to my yoga - which does help me sleep I think - and put together a schedule that puts me in bed even if I'm not sleepy.  I'll keep you guys posted on how that goes =)

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vlog #17 No-Buy, Shoes, Free Stuff & Weight Loss

I didn't realize until I uploaded this how long it had been between vlogs.  

Doing well so far with the exercising, I did yoga yesterday & today & did the bike today as well.  Not worrying about food too much yet, I know from past experience I'm less inclined to snack when I'm exercising, so that will come on its own in time.

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vlog #16 - Update - New Stud, Broken Window, Work & The Fair

So ... yet another case of extremely delayed editing LOL.  Whatever I forgot to mention in the vid, if anything, I've now forgotten in actuality as well, so I won't be adding anything groundbreaking to the blog post =)  Here's the vlog:

I can say that I ran out of time & didn't have time to pick out plates before I went to the Fair - so I had to stand at the booth & decide, but I did come home with 5 new places =) Those will be up later on my main blog. Thanks for reading.



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