Friday, September 18, 2009

Lotus Inspired Knot

This started off as a little doodle & I "forced" myself to develop it into a finished piece. First time in probably about a year a doodle has evolved into anything more LOL so I guess the blog is working =)

lotus knot
Lucy, my one & only follower (although I do know I get other people peeking in here, thanks to the Stat Counter), you'd asked about how I come up with my ideas, so I took a few pics with my camera (the finished product above is scanned in) of the process.

It started with a doodle that wasn't even worthy of a pic, that evolved into this line art:

Line art gets expanded into the final design:

Uhm, I'm not very technical, I don't know how to explain the next step other than I just start erasing stuff & darkening other stuff, making the overs & the unders. This is where I remembered that if I have lines that don't connect to anything, they need to end outside of the design, rather than inside:

Start adding some color:

Finish the color & add shading, and ta-da! The finished product above. I draw stuff other than knots sometimes too, but a lot of the time I'm not very pleased with it. Knots are fun & relatively easy & I'm usually very happy with the end product. Thanks for reading.



  1. That's really fascinating how you draw you design. I'd get completely lost. I love look at knot drawings. I've seen some very intricate works somewhere out in webland. Of course I lost the web site. I also worked with a guy who was a Celtic artist. He had some lovely paintings, drawings, jewelry and small sculptural pieces. It was so annoying that I couldn't get to talk with him longer since we were supposed to be working. He did make me a necklace that I treasure. I'm sure many people read your blog but just don't comment. I'd love to see more things of yours.

  2. LUCY - I'm getting more stuff up slowly but surely. I really do think this blog is helping me write & draw more =)

  3. Wow, u r rely good at this! keep it up :)

  4. You know this should be a tattoo, right?


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