Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Depression Awareness Month

Scrangie's post gave me lots of food for thought. Regarding where I am vs. where I have been ...

I am trying really hard to post like once a week here. But time slips away from me & suddenly it's been 8 or 9 days ... anyway, I dug out some old stuff, this is the end section of a poem I still thought was half decent, from 2002:

I see black
I see blue
I see red
I see nothing
in my blindness
and blinded
by too much
too much thought
too much stress
too much less
less release
less peace
less me
less certainty
in everything

Thanks for reading.


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  1. That really sums it up succinctly. That brought tears to my eyes. I pray your in a better place. I'm usually pretty happy but not tonight. Lack of sleep and overeating did the trick. I get weighed on Friday's and enter my weight online at Weight Watchers. My mood and eating go hand and hand. I've really eaten things that were not good for me this week. Also much more than I usually eat. I love pasta and ate a big dish of it. I hadn't eaten that much pasta since I started Weight Watchers over a year ago. Oh well, it's day by day. This is supposed to be your site and not about me. Sorry!


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