Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dreary Day

Not actually having a very good day. I looked outside earlier, and even though some of the leaves are still pretty, it's turning into a dreary season, with everything dead & brown & crappy looking before it gets covered up with snow ... which I don't particularly like either, but I can appreciate the beauty better than autumn after the leaves have fallen.

Anyway, the stark image of a tree against the clouds kind of stuck in my head & rattled around up there with a few words & the generally empty feeling I've had this week & when I came home I wrote this:

A cold, grey sky
A leafless tree
A lonely heart
A loveless me

If I were on American Idol, I think Simon would tell me I'm being indulgent LOL. But, little though I care for being unhappy, if there's a downside it's that it makes me think of writing even when I don't actually write anything. And seeing as it's been a week again somehow, I obviously should be writing more. So this is something.

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