Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trick Or Treat

OK, this is almost a little absurd, inspired by Poe's The Raven, and it's quite old, I think from 2003 although it's dated incompletely in the notebook. It managed to put a smile on my face when I came across it, and I thought I might as well post it up since I've got some Halloween-ness going on over at MSLP too:

Once upon an evening yearly
The youngest come out the most early
Dressed as the most quaint & curious creatures you could meet
Whilst you chill in you chair, rocking
There will come a steady knocking
And the pitter-patterting of little feet
Quoth the children "Trick or treat!"

Now, I've always been most keen
On this holiday called Halloween
On this date with theme so neat
Wind blowing gently, through the trees & soughing
On this night some still call Samhain
And people stand with candy, ready to greet
The children crying "Trick or treat!"

I used to be able to recite all of The Raven - and for some reason I want to say it's 18 stanzas long, but seriously don't quote me - because I just thought it was one of the coolest poems ever. Well, I still think that, but I wouldn't put money on myself remembering more than a quarter of it after all these years LOL.

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  1. Liked your poem! I can see the inspiration. I haven't read The Raven in so many years. I used to have a book of Poe's stories. Sadly it was in my brothers attic with the hundreds of other books that were ruined. I'd forgotten that I'd had it. I should buy another. Makes me sick at the amount of books that I lost. Makes me even sicker that I have very little room for books. I just get them at the library instead of buying them. I do win them sometime. I've won about 6 or so. I must go back and read the Raven.

  2. LUCY - the library is so much better - I figured out that if I'd purchased every book I read last year, it would have been between $780.00- $2600.00, dependingon paperback or hardcovers! Money much better spent on polish =)


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