Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vlog #11 - My Last Day as a 20-Something

I started getting gifts yesterday - just a few small things - and today at work I got a homemade ice cream cake!  YUM!  Tomorrow is the celebration for the company's 25th anniversary - but I'll be pretending it's for me all day LOL.

I'll try to record another vlog & post tomorrow, see if it's hit me yet that I'm not a kid anymore =)

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  1. I love watching your vlogs- you always have interesting things to say. I'm actually turning 18 in about a month. I finally realized that today. I think the thing I'm most anxious/concerned about is doing almost everything for myself and finding a way to balance college, a job, social life, family, and everything else in between. I think it's going to be exciting, but also kinda scary!


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