Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vlog #5

These vlogs always turn out longer than I expect - even after I've recorded them, when I look at the time it's like twice as long as I think I was talking LOL.

Pinky is safely patched & a good bit shorter so that I don't accidentally knock it around.  It's still kind of throbbing, from the polish remover ... I hope the patch holds for a good long while because I'm not looking forward to soaking it off to change it.  I'll be doing maintenance with a fresh coat of gel resin every few manicures until it's past the quick.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Awww you're so pretty! I really enjoy your blog and vlog!

  2. I hate to see the same questions asked over and over when reading your You Tube comments, but without fail you answer them in such a nice way even though you've mentioned it in the video...made a video on it... and probably put it in the info box.(I'm referring to the "water temperature question" though there are many others)I was tempted to tell you to do a FAQ video and just make that a permanent annotation on your videos so you're not answering the same questions over and over,(but I don't think that will help) and that way you won't feel like this is a job. Nail Polish is your hobby/passion and I'm glad you share it with the world...but please don't feel like you owe us anything, like a comment or even a video. I also enjoy reading your book reviews so if you don't have anything to vlog about talk about the books or what you are watching now that Dancing with the Stars is over...Sorry for the long comment, you're awesome, TAKE CARE!!!!


Thank you - all comments are welcome =)


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