Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vlog #6 OOTD & Dress Haul

The pic that I included in the vlog, I chose because it was one of the few you could see how awesome my nails went with the dress =)  The orange was really popping against the black.

Let me know what you guys think of the OOTD & the clothes haul =)

I recorded this last Tuesday actually, but hadn't had time for the editing & all until today.  Since that 102 degree day, the temp swung waaay down, by I think it was Thursday morning it was in the 50's, which is just freaking ridiculous IMO.

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  1. Lovely dress and even cuter shoes!!! I'm also very "tall" but that never keeps me from wearing my biggest stilletoes or stacks!

  2. I like this outfit of the day :) I try to wear dresses as much as I can, I feel prettier in them and I find that people take more notice of you if you are dressed up. But unfortunately I live in Iceland where the weather is too shaky to be always in dresses and high heels :(
    Oh and I also took note that when you are dressed pretty in stores, the store clerks are much nicer to you...
    From Elin


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