Saturday, May 14, 2011

OK, Seriously This Time

I know I said in January that this blog was not dead - I will proceed to prove the point, because I've decided to make a vlog channel on YouTube, and I'll be posting those here =) So that's why I now have myself as a contributor, because I needed to create another email for the channel, & figured it would be easier to have that login able to post here directly. They're both "Colette" so you won't really see a difference, other than that there is now a "Contributors" widget to the side rather than a "Profile" widget ... and I'm hoping I'll figure out a way to change that, maybe have both profiles show, because right now it just seems silly to have it there with 2 of the same name LOL.

I'll be trying to edit & post up at least 1 of the 2 vlogs I've recorded so far later today =) Thanks for reading.


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