Saturday, May 14, 2011

Here's The First Vlog!

Not much to say about this one ... I recorded it a couple of weeks ago.  I have one other recorded, I probably will get that edited later today or tomorrow ... or next week LOL.  Depends on what else pops up & how motivated I manage to stay =)

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  1. You totally make me smile. I have a weight loss blog that's mainly just for me to vent and I've thought long and hard about vlogging on it, but I'm afraid I'll be just as awkward as I am in person LOL. I also have done a HORRIBLE job with my weight loss as you can see from my total lack of posts for the past several months. Anyway, back to why I'm commenting, I would love to watch more vlogs of yours. You're far more interesting and exciting than you think! =) I'd also like have someone to commiserate with about weight loss journeys, which I didn't realize you were doing until now!

  2. oh, good lord...i was just mumbling something about weight loss myself earlier today and now i'm thinking about possibly starting a vlog, too! we can all be each other's support! :)


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