Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poem: Time

I have been writing, actually almost every day, just not anything lately that's fit to share.  So on the one hand I am living up to my resolution to write more, while at the same time slipping behind on my resolution to post more often here.  So I dug into my "archives" and found this.  It's over 10 years old, from 1998, but I still like it =)


Time moving, Time passing, Time winding along
Like the words and the verses of a sad, ancient song
Time going slowly and Time flying by
Flashing right past in the blink of an eye
Or Time standing still, a sudden freeze frame
Seeing ghosts of the past floating, calling your name
Falling into Time's tunnel, and looking around
Time passing, tick-tocking, the one lonely sound
And you know, looking into Infinity's flame
That Time's constant, eternal, and forever the same

I actually just found a large bunch of old poetry, so I'm going to be going through it as I have time.  So hopefully more to come ... if I don't let Time fly away & get the best of me LOL.  Thanks for reading.


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