Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vlog #21 - Depression Awareness

I think I said pretty much everything I have to say about it for now in the vid:

I have talked about it before on this blog, and in some of my poetry I've posted here, but it's still not a comfortable topic for me.  I'm less comfortable right this minute posting it than I was last night recording it - so I guess it's good I did it while I could =)

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  1. I am glad you could share this with us. I was pretty depressed for 4-6 months a few years ago and it was really hard on me. I slept very little and ate very little and I understand how hard it can be. After that, while I have been much better the past few years, I was a different person after it and I've had other problems (PMDD/Anxiety probelms) that have appeared / gotten worse because of that time. I still struggle with feeling crappy a lot of the time nail polish has also become a way for me to cope with these problems.

    Finding your blog and your youtube has also helped me (thank you!) I love your videos and I feel like you are such a good person and I always look forward to all of your videos. Even if I'm not loving the polish I have on at the moment I can at least enjoy how pretty yours always is. And just seeing that usually makes me feel a little better. It helps me to try to stay positive the rest of the day.

    Anyway I'm rambling now but thank you. :-)

  2. Love you Collette, you inspire me every time I see one of your videos, whether it's on this channel or your other one. Keep up the great work. BTW, I'm TankersGal on youtube, subbed to both your channels.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this, Colette. This can realy help others who feel like they are alone in being depressed. Many people go through things like this. I myself can feel depressed many times; and things like doing my nails,,going to the movies and talking to friends help very much. I have mental illness in my family so I think when anyone talks more about this issue out in the open always helps. I'm proud of you for putting it out there. :)

  4. I'm basically saying what everyone else has but I feel I need to let you know how much you have helped, I go to your blogs or youtube when I feel like crap, I discovered the wonders of nail polish through you and it really helps to do my nails when I'm at my lowest.
    Thank you for posting this, you are really brave!
    From Elin

  5. I think you're awesome!! I'm glad you posted this because I suffer from depression too. I totally understand how you feel. Just know that you inspire people. I learned how to water marble watching your videos! Always look forward, stay positive, try not to let little things get to you because life is too short. I tell myself that every day.

  6. I knew I liked u 4 a reason! U r awesome, so brave! I too, like millions of people have depression from time to time since I was a teen. I highly recommend l-tyrosine from your health food store. Try it for 2 weeks, not enough, add some holy basil &/or 5-htp. This has worked for me for years now with no side effects unlike prescription antidepressants which can cause u 2 be more depressed, weight gain and have horrible withdrawals when u get off them. As far as turning to food, exercise, it will help with the depression and u can still turn to food 4 enjoyment. I exercise 5-6 days a week now, highly recommend Tracy Anderson's workout. I SO agree, a pretty manicure can make my day. It really makes me happy. It really is the little things that can me u happy just as the little things can make u unhappy. As far as people writing mean things 2 u, please as soon as u realize it's negative, stop reading and block them. Life is 2 short and u can't afford to read that. U r wonderful, thanks so much 4 the tutorials! Like I said b4, u r a the best at teaching this on utube! :) Wishing u smiles, laughter, peace and luv everyday, u deserve it! Huggies!

  7. As someone who has severe Bipolar, Depression is a large part of my life .... so i get ya hun and all those others that are out there. Unfortunately a large part of my life now is also the meds which i have to say come with some horrible consequences, but i have to take them. When your depressed the sad thing is you can often feel so alone, when you are actually one of so many that are suffering. Its a strange and cruel illness! xxx

  8. thanks for sharing. your openness makes you more likeable than you already are. I discovered your site by chance. did you get such good advice and are so normal. no arrogant fashion horse as often seen in such videos. It makes a lot of fun to learn from you. I am looking forward to your next video. It's nice that you do not "just" talking about nail polish. I think depression make a creative and empathic. It is a blessing and a curse. You can only try to carry on, stick it out and remember that you come back up. you need friends and family understand and deal with it. and pets! family, friends, pets - better than any medicine. I have a loving husband, friends and four dogs to understand me and I am very grateful. I can only guess to each Depressed get a pet. from the Animal Shelter of course;), you can help them and they help you. Are not there nail polish for dogs? I am waiting for a video of yourself to ... joke. have a nice day, do not be upset, chill. Go for a walk, that always helps.
    Writing with google translator, I am from Germany. I hope there are not too many errors. Thank you for your blog.

  9. Just wanted to say that anything u put on here speaks to more people than u know. I have never even posted a comment on anything online in my life and just had to tell you that you are brave, smart, talented, and more organized than u think! I recently found ur blogs and can't stop looking at them (gonna get in trouble at work right now!) So please, don't stop & don't doubt yourself. I think u should be getting paid for what all ur doing on here!! Ur a great instructor and ur tutorials are thorough. I appreciate it along with so many others that are inspired by you!


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