Saturday, September 18, 2010

Holly's Tip - Do One Thing At A Time

This was the tip several weeks ago, and it sounded like a good idea at the time - but I knew & still know that it's something I fail at, in writing & in life.  I have trouble focusing on one thing exclusively for long periods of time.  Not exactly ADD, I mean I can sit & read a book cover to cover if it's something I enjoy & have time for - but at the same time, if I lose interest, I need to have something ready as a backup read.
It's even worse with writing.  I tell myself all the time I should be more organized, should do more outlining & storyboard type stuff, but half the time I never even get around to writing down plot lines that develop in my head while I'm at work or driving home.
I have been so busy lately it has been a challenge even keeping up one blog, let alone adding this one in, which I guess is my excuse for not posting since July.  But I swear hope springs eternal with me when it comes to this blog because I maintain the believe that eventually I will fit it in comfortably.  Even though at the moment, I didn't even realize that the one-year mark had come & gone until I sat down to write this post ... it was on September 6th if you're curious =)
I'm keeping my goal for the coming year simple:  post more than the past year.
Thanks for reading.

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