Sunday, December 9, 2012

Checking Out The Snow With Dude

Winter really tried to start on Friday night, but it was only about a half an inch of snow, it just made the roads disproportionately dangerous & slippery.  I saw a lot of accidents on my way home from Grandma's on Friday night.  Thankfully it was just warm enough Saturday for most of that ice to melt before the snow started again late Saturday night.  As of right now it is still coming down pretty steady ... I just hope it's plowed by the time I have to go to work!  Dude likes the snow:

I don't really care for how the Avalon handles in this weather.  It's like I don't feel the road as much as in my Buick, when the traction control kicks in I can barely tell except there's an icon that pops up on the dash.  And I'm NOT looking forward to doing test drives in this either.  But, I don't really have a choice.

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  1. Better you than me. Snow is beautiful (for a bit) but I don't ever want to live with it again.

  2. Actually, snowy roads are the best for test driving a new car. That way you know how it handles in the snow. Nothing worse than getting a new car that you LOVE only to find out it sucks in the snow. I did that once and swore I would never again buy a new car unless I could test it in the snow. :)

  3. Awesome.I just discovered your blog today which is also awesome!
    Your dog is so cute! I'm expecting snow tonight but I hope not that much. The first snow is always so peaceful, you probably have a lot more now! Enjoy it!

  4. Thanks e u have been a great teacher. Excellent.and I really don't no how u wil get to see this coz I no nothing about blogs as is the first one in my life.
    Hey another question do you follow 12 by 12 by any chance?

  5. Hope that Avalon is getting a bit more familiar. For my first driving lesson (on the road), my Dad took me out after an ICE STORM. It was the best driving lesson I ever had.

    I am loving your sharing your nail art. How about some more subtle ideas for a more "mature" woman?

    Thanks, and keep the great art coming!


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