Sunday, January 1, 2012

Vlog #25 - My Christmas Gifts

I should make editing my vids faster one of my New Year's resolutions I think LOL.  Still, I made it in under a week!  Which is better than many times:

Today if I have time, or otherwise tomorrow - since I do have the day off - I'll be considering my resolutions & recording a vlog for those.  Some of the usual suspects will be on my list of course like weight loss, but I already know what my big #1 is going to be & that's more sleep.  Yes I have tons to do, but when I'm tired I'm less efficient so I'm not really making that much progress when I'm up until midnight or later & need to be up at 5 in the morning for work.  Other than that ... well, you'll just have to stay tuned & see =)

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  1. I was unable to view the video; it says it is private.

    I really enjoy your videos.

  2. Hi Colette!
    I couldn't watch the video because it says it is a private video.

  3. ANNANN & ANON - I think the processing took it past my scheduled publish time =/ The only downside to shooting in HD is how long it takes to upload stuff now!

  4. Hii !!!
    I love the gifts u've gotten for Xmas.. I gotta tell u that I got 9 different China Glaze nail polishes for Xmas....which is like : YAY ^___^

  5. I am so happy you had a wonderful holiday! It's so good to see you smiling and enjoying life! I always look forward to your blog/vlogs because you always have such interesting stuff to share!

  6. will u be posting any pix of your cookie day or any baking from this year? love seeing those :)

  7. NICKEESCHICKEE - yes, either here or my main blog, I'm still quite a bit behind & have a few more NOTDs to post=)


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