Friday, August 19, 2011

Lame. Sucky. And Generally F'd Up

I was too shocked to even curse when I discovered this as I went to leave for work this morning:

Glass all over the interior, even up into the front seats & onto the dashboard.  Luckily my insurance will cover it, but stuff like this just leaves such a feeling of violation & I honestly cannot relate to anyone who finds some kind of twisted pleasure in random vandalism.  I can put myself in the mindset of doing something to hurt someone who's hurt you, although I like to think I'd never go there myself, but where's the "fun" of hurting a stranger?  At least half a dozen vehicles in my neighborhood had chunks of cement hurled through various windows.  I wish horrible, horrible things upon whoever did this & the wish that karma comes back quick & hard.

The insurance-approved repair company will be out tomorrow.  I hope they come in the early end of their time window because mom & I have tickets to the King Tut exhibit at the science museum in the evening & I was supposed to drive ... I prefer driving LOL, I had to be passenger in her car - she drove me to work today - and I'm just not used to not being in control.  & my car is more comfortable too =)

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  1. Someone recently ran a shopping cart into the side of our car REALLY hard. Hard ehough to make us think it was NOT by mistake. It is really twisted that people can do things like this. They are the type of people that need to fall down a very long stair case!

  2. My sister in law's back window was recently shattered by a drunk driver. On a bicycle. He hit it, pulled himself out of the hole, and took off, leaving behind a cell phone clip, his sunglasses, and three teeth. Unfortunately my brother in law is too much of a ween-- he tried to get the man to stay for an ambulance but the guy refused and he let him. I would have taken his bike in one hand and his wrist in the other and that would have been the end of it.

  3. That's terrible. I went out to my car this past new years day in a fabulous mood all ready for work on to discover someone had busted out my driver side front window. Nothing was stolen but the glass was everywhere. I was late for work and almost got into trouble since I am a key holder. Great way to start the new year!?! There was another vehicle that also had windows busted out of it only they left their weapon... It was a lawn chair. Odd but sturdy! No one should have to feel that feeling of not being safe in your own neighborhood :-(

  4. I'm sorry, it's really nasty to do this.


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