Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well, I'm not exactly off to a great start for National Novel Writing Month ... I knew it started November first.  I certainly knew the date yesterday ... it just never occurred to me to connect the two.  And so my first goal, of writing every day this month, is already a big fat FAIL due to my own absentmindedness.
Still, I'm going to try and write consistently for the remainder of the month.  I've fallen off, and I don't want the habit of not writing to continue.  I doubt I'll finish a novel, but if I can make a decent amount of progress I'd be really pleased with myself.
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  1. I loe the nails...I used to be a nail tech about 7 years ago or so and was very into nail art. That was my forte`. Doesn't look like you made it very far writing in your blog after November 1st! LOL! Anyway, wanted to tell ya I love your nails. Come check out my blogs as well. Would love you to follow me!

  2. I think I stayed away out of guilt LOL - I wasn't aiming for a whole novel, but I didn't even manage to meet the small notebook that was my goal for NaNoWriMo. Then got busy with the holidays & between my other blog & the YT channel this one always ends up last unfortunately =)


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